2023-2024 ESSER III/School Innovation and Improvement Plan

Outcome goals for this academic year

School Innovation and Improvement Plan At-a-Glance

  • Weyanoke Elementary School

  • Region 6

  • Felicia Usher, Principal



Measurable Outcome: By the end of SY 23-24 60% of all students will demonstrate expected screener within-year growth in math (iReady).

Strategy 1

Increase teachers implementation strategies related to Shift 4: from show and tell to share and compare.

Strategy 2

Use conversation structures to increase academic talk between students.

Reading by 3rd Grade

Measurable Outcome: By June 2024, the percentage of students who are English Learners, grades 1-3, demonstrating expected screener within-year growth in Reading will increase by at least 6 percentage points as measured by Spring iReady.

Strategy 1

Increase intentional use of scaffolds, supports and extensions in whole group settings (word recognition, language comprehension and writing). (HLP 2-4)

Strategy 2

Increase use of WIDA tools and rubrics to support language development (HLP 1-4).

Strategy 3

Expand use of skills-based grouping to ensure students demonstrate mastery of foundational skills. (HLP 2, 5)

Chronic Absenteeism

Measurable Outcome: By the end of the 2023-2024 school year, we will reduce our school's chronic absenteeism rate to below 15% as evidenced by our school's chronic absenteeism data.

Strategy 1

Increase opportunities for personalized early attendance outreach.

Strategy 2

Use Talking Points as a way for EL families to report student absences

Strategy 3

Understand root causes of student absenteeism.  Strengthen programmatic responses to attendance barriers.