Student Technology

FCPS borrowed Student Devices should be used only in conjunction with projects relating to the educational programs of FCPS. It may not be used as a personal or social device for the student.

  • The device is valuable and should be treated appropriately. It should always be:
    • Handled with care (Closed and carried with two hands)
    • Stored in its carrying case when not in use
    • Properly stored in a location where it will not be dropped, stepped on, or exposed to extreme temperatures
  • Properly charge your device each night so it has a full battery at the start of the school day
  • Keep away from pets, food, and liquids.
  • The Student Device is for student use only. Friends, family members, or other students may not use it.
  • All files should be saved in Schoology or Google Apps for Education, not on the computer hard drive.
  • The device should be powered off (Shut Down in settings, not just closed) completely at the end of each school day. If taken home, the device should be powered off before leaving home.
  • Tech support is provided at your school during school hours only:
    • Submit a ticket if your device needs to be repaired (see school website)
    • Tech Staff are available at school. Take your laptop to one of the support team members during the school hours. Your laptop will be repaired or you will be given a loaner device.
    • Students and family should never attempt to repair the laptop themselves or take it to a repair shop

School staff should be informed of a lost/stolen device as soon as possible. If you believe your device was stolen, report it immediately to the police

Families will be charged to replace or fix missing or broken technology. Prices will be determined based on the repairs needed.

Families may request regular updates of their student’s online activity with this device by signing up for Lightspeed Parent Reports on the FCPS website.